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Seitz Wildlife Services Reviews in Elverson, PA

Seitz Wildlife Services is an owner operated/family run company proudly offering professional and reliable wildlife control services to all of southeastern Pennsylvania. We provide various areas of PA wildlife control and removal services with lasting results. With many years experience and an extensive knowledge about local wildlife, our experts will quickly resolve your wildlife problems guaranteed!

Elverson, PA Wildlife Control & Exclusion Services Reviews

Here at Seitz Wildlife Services we are dedicated to providing safe and humane solutions to all human/animal conflicts. We are a poison free company specializing in the removal of all nuisance wildlife. We are licensed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and are fully insured. Not only do we remove the problem animals, but offer complete solutions to your wildlife conflicts. This may include animal damage repair, exclusion services also known as animal proofing, attic clean out and insulation replacement, habitat modification and more.

We are your local, friendly wildlife removal company. Give us a call today for a free phone consultation at 610-999-2606. We proudly service all of Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, and sections of Bucks County and Philadelphia!


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Company Name Seitz Wildlife Services
Description Seitz Wildlife Services provides wildlife Exclusion & Trapping for residential, commercial, and municipal customers around Chester County and Delaware County.
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Phone Number (610) 999-2606
Location 401 Hopewell Rd,
Elverson, Pennsylvania 19520
United States

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