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Safe Shelter Environmental Reviews
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Safe Shelter Environmental Reviews - Exton, PA

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Safe Shelter Environmental sets the standard for professional service.

I called 1/2 dozen companies to arrange for radon testing. and Safe Shelter was the first to response to a message I left on a weekend. They set an appointment for the following day (a Monday) and had the electronic report available after the 48 hour testing window.

I was very impressed with the detailed review that Safe Shelter performed of the basement area, in selecting the optimal location for the sensor. One of the company owners was the person setting it up and he is clearly very knowledgeable. He was able to give an accurate assessment of what would need to be done if the results came back above the action limit.

I would highly recommend Safe Shelter for anyone who needs to do radon testing or remediation. I give them an A+++ for prompt and professional service.

too bad they don’t also do internet service, cable TV, car repair, etc. Maybe those guys should take a lessons from them!!

– Janelle Gunther

Safe Shelter Environmental  - Exton, PA

I scheduled a maintenance call for my air conditioner and furnace because it had been 10 years since I moved in and I had read somewhere that it should be checked every other year, so I knew I was overdue. I called around and chose Safe Shelter Environmental because they responded quickly and scheduled me for a one-hour appointment. I was pleasantly surprised when the technician arrived on time and spent time carefully inspecting the units and giving me some good options to either replace parts, replace the unit, or simply wait. I believe the advice was objective and fair because he explained the risks and costs of each option. I have already recommended them and will do so again because of their honesty and transparency. That is not something you will find with other companies

– Andrew Smith

Safe Shelter Review
Positive Contractor Review

I took them about 2 hours to install the new fan. I have used them for real estate reasons a number of times so we trusted them for our personal use. They also installed the system 10 years ago for us.

– Stephanie N.

Safe Shelter - Exton
Reviews in Exton, PA Review

I can’t say enough good things about Safe Shelter Environmental! My basement floor drain was backing up, and I was scared it would be a significant hassle because I have an old house with outdated pipes. They got right to work, were obviously very educated about what needed to be done, answered all of my concerns, and were just incredibly professional. They went over my choices with me and had everything rectified in no time. It’s such a comfort to find a respectable, local company with such wonderful people. I will use Safe Shelter Environmental Company again in the future and refer them to anyone I know who needs a plumber.

– Kenneth Weisser

Safe Shelter Environmental  - Exton, PA
Safe Shelter Review

Safe Shelter Environmental was fantastic; not only did they have the best price, but their job was also of the highest quality and completed in a timely manner. My sewer line had collapsed, leaving me without plumbing; they completed the entire operation, digging 60 feet of pipe 6 feet deep, the next day. I would suggest Safe Shelter Environmental to anyone looking for the best pricing, quick and dependable service.

– Zachary Hovey

Safe Shelter Exton
Safe Shelter Review

My radon level was a 30 when we bought the house. Safe shelter environmental came out and installed a radon removal system in the basement. This lowered the level a little bit. They came back about 4-5 times to modify the system and the fan used until the radon levels were below the allowed limit of 4. My radon level is now 0.8. They stand behind their work and will keep coming back at no extra charge to complete the job to your satisfaction. All of the technicians who were in my home were respectful and professional. Thanks for your hard work guys.

– Ryan Bair

Safe Shelter Environmental  - Exton, PA
Safe Shelter Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

We had a great experience with Safe Shelter. A big shout out to Paul who coordinated our two projects (radon mitigation and mold remediation). Ian and Marcus were both very professional. The price was fair in our opinion and the work got done fairly quickly. Regarding the radon system – it took my husband a minute to figure out where it was because they made it look like part of the other systems we already had (e.g., the exhaust was made to look like a gutter).

– Alison Baren

Contractor Review
Positive Contractor Review

Prior to purchasing my home the owner had them install a radon system. Four years later the fan broke. I called them up and to my surprise it was still under warranty. I just came and picked it up with no hassle at all. The staff was nice and didn’t pressure me to do anything.

– Rafal S.

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