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Pro Crane Rental Reviews - Marcus Hook, PA

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Positive  Contractor Review

I am in complete awe of the generosity & compassion you showed to Jimmy & his family, y’all are AMAZING people! I highly recommend anyone in the area to please utilize Pro Crane & their services, you will not be disappointed! When a company is willing to offer their time, expertise & equipment for FREE in order to help a family (and assist other organizations), you know that they are a company who will go above & beyond for their customers. Thank you for doing what you did, I cannot speak highly enough of y’all!

– Ashley Nicola

Contractor Review
Positive  Contractor Review

Blessings were given to Jimmy’s family with the help of your unselfish dedication to helping this family get answers to their prayers. The example you showed in leadership and humanitarian efforts through your employees, business, and personal expression is one of humble greatness. You touched our hearts with your kindness and opened many people to seizing the opportunity to help others who need a hand. Should ever an opportunity arise, all that know of you would gladly recommend your company of your services.

– Patricia Armstrong

Contractor Review
Positive  Contractor Review

Without hesitation the selfless act of donating the use of a crane and manpower to help with the recovery of Jimmy has touched many hearts here in Louisiana. The generosity you showed is what helps brings our communities together and makes the world a better place. Thank you!!!

– Tom Wil

Contractor Review
Positive  Contractor Review

Thanks so much for your generosity to donate your services and expertise to recover the vehicle belonging to James Amabile.  In this day and age to do something like this at no cost is astounding.   You helped bring answers and closure to the Amabile family.   God bless you with overwhelming success in all future endeavors.

– Merrie B.

Rated 5 out of 5

For your generous help with getting closure for a hurting family to recover a long lost loved one, for FREE, you all are amazing. That’s the compassion anyone would want from a company.

Brook Newbaker
Rated 5 out of 5

The amazing generosity and professionalism this company has is hard to beat. I saw them on Adventures with Purpose. If you need this type of help, I highly recommend this company!!

Stacy Armstrong
Rated 5 out of 5

Thank you so much for spending your time, energy and financial resources to help the family of Jimmy Amebile. If all communities worked together like this then we would have our great country back. I wish we had more out there like you, you are truly heroes.

Rachel Carstensen
Rated 5 out of 5

What an awesome company ! You guys went above and beyond helping Jimmys family get closure after all these years. My God bless you and your crew.

Doug L.
Rated 5 out of 5

Amazing what this company selflessly did to help that family. Great company and workers,Thank you for what you did to help them. I Would hire these guys without second thought. Please consider calling them to come help with your next job. Thank You.

Craig Bigham

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Company Name Pro Crane Rentals
Company Description We are a professional, full-service crane company that prides itself on quality, punctuality, and attention to detail. We have been in the crane rental business for over 70 years. The primary way we were able to stay in business is by caring about what we do and building relationships with our customers.
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Phone Number 610-494-4400
Location 401 Penn Ave.
Marcus Hook PA, 19061
United States

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Marcus Hook PA, 19061

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