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John’s Electrical Service in Folsom, PA

John’s Electrical Service is an Insured, PA State Licensed and Bonded, full service electrical company. We have offered interior and exterior installations throughout Folsom, PA for many years, and have grown a reputation among the communities we serve. Our main goal is to assure quality assurance for our clients as well as having a highly professional team with years of knowledge to back it up.

Folsom, PA Emergency Electrical Service

When dealing with electrical issues in Folsom, PA, it’s best to look for an emergency electrician who has plenty of experienced acting in emergency situations and knows the local Folsom, PA codes. This way you get the issue fixed fast, and avoid further repairs due to code issues and violations and you know your loved ones are safe because the job is done correctly! Some of the services we offer include changing devices, panels and fixtures, along with troubleshooting existing electrical issues.

Through over 20 years of experience in the field, we’ve learned how to deal with almost any electrical issue that arises in Folsom, PA homes. Whether you’re looking to get a service done or receive a free estimate for your Folsom, PA home, we’d love to hear from you and take the first step towards getting your problems resolved!

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Company Name John’s Electrical Service
Description John’s Electrical Service offers affordable residential and commercial electrical services to all Chester County and Delaware County residents and businesses. Contact John’s Electrical for any of your emergency electrical needs!
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Phone Number 610-324-2403
Location 414 Belmont Ave
Folsom, PA 19033
United States

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