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Caruke Electrical Inc 484-459-1248

Residential Electrician
Exton, Pennsylvania

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Caruke Electrical in Exton, PA

Caruke Electrical, Inc. is a small business located in Chester County for the past 12 years. We have offered interior installations throughout the local area for many years, and have grown a reputation among the communities we serve. Our main goal is safety first, and we strive to make sure your home is left safe after our job is done. We assure quality assurance for our clients as well as having highly professional contractors with years of experience. At Caruke Electrical, I strive to be your go-to guy. I always provide my best so when you have an electrical issue, I am your go-to guy because you know the quality work you are getting. We here strive to make the installation quick and painless so that you may go about your day normally. We work around your schedule so that you can go about your everyday life without distraction.


Chester County, PA Residential & Interior Electrical Services

Some of the services we offer are installing ceiling fans, install additional outlets and/or switches, under-cabinet lighting, outdoor lighting, and service panel replacement. We handle any kind of job and will troubleshoot any existing electrical issues. Through our 12 years of experience in the field, we have learned to deal with almost any issue that may occur. Whether you’re looking to get a service done or receive a free estimate, we’d love to hear from you and take the first step towards getting your problems resolved!

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Company Name Caruke Electrical
Description Caruke Electrical provides Chester County, PA clients with residential and interior electrical services.
Visit Website https://carukeelectric.com
Phone Number 484-459-1248
Location Exton, Pennsylvania
United States

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