Best Licensed & Insured Contractors in Downingtown, PA

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Located within Chester County, Pennsylvania, about halfway between Lancaster and Center City Philadelphia, is the borough of Downingtown. Originally named Milltown for the numerous mills once found alongside the East Branch Brandywine Creek, Downingtown is known for its countless historic buildings and landmarks.

One of these historic sites Downingtown is famous for is the Downingtown Log House, dated back to 1705 and still standing to this day. Downingtown is also home to the Downingtown quarry which was once was used as a mining facility in the past. In the present day, parts of this quarry have since been converted into a swim club for Downingtown citizens.

Hutter Roofing & Remodeling

Call (610) 639-3558

Becker's Chimney & Roofing

Call 302-600-1861

Kellerman’s Landscape & Tree Services

Call 610-637-3394

R. Smith Paving Contractor

Call 800-760-8830

John's Electrical Service


J.W. Tull Roofing

(302) 494-8179

Old World Painting

Call 267-535-0605

Seitz Wildlife Control

(610) 999-2606

Asphalt Paving Group

(610) 918-PAVE

Waterproofing One


SkyView Remodeling

(610) 550-9611

Pro Crane Rentals

Call (610) 494-4400

Drafting By Design

Call (302)-292-8304

Licensed and Insured Contractors in Downingtown, PA

Licensed & Insured Contractors in Downingtown, PA

While the town of Downingtown, PA is full of historic sites and wonders, many of the older homes around Downingtown are often in need of licensed & insured contractors to keep them in good shape and preserve their value and curb appeal.

If you’re looking for a licensed contractor for your Downingtown home, there’s no need to look any further than Favorite Contractors!

After finding reviews for the Downingtown, PA contractors that you’ll have listed, you can easily compare quotes and reviews that were left by previous clients of theirs. Our site makes it extremely quick, easy and stress-free to be able to find the contractor that’s perfect for the project you need done.

From there, three contractors from Downingtown and the surrounding area will compete for your business! The best part of the competition? You save so much money! Contractors will compete in offering quotes and rates that will act almost as a competitive bidding or auction. Ultimately, this will allow you to save the most money possible.

On top of all of this, our services are free! Not only do you save money from contractors competing for your business, but our sites service are also free of charge as well! Don’t hesitate for another second, find your favorite contractor in Downingtown, PA, and get started on your dream project today!

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