Best Local Contractors in Delaware County

Delaware County Best Local Contractors

Delaware County has a high concentration of old homes that are in high demand. This also comes with a price, these older homes need constant maintenance or modernization in order to maintain integrity.

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Delaware County has a popultaion of 562,960 which makes it the fifth most populous county in Pennsylvania. Although, it is the third smallest in area.

Delaware County is very diverse in both population as well as land. Dense towns and cities surrounded by rural land and many beautiful historical structures. The media household income ranges between $50,092-$61,590.

Delaware County has a large amount of options for education for both High School and College. Some of which include Chichester School District, Ridley School District, Cabrini University, anmd Eastern University. Delaware County is home to many pparks including Ridley Creek State Park, Upland Park, and Rose Tree Park.

Licensed Contractors in Delaware County

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